Website Testing

At MoGi Group, we provide high quality website translations crafted by native speakers. When it comes to website testing, a rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) process ensures that our skilled team will meet your individual requirements and business needs.

MoGi Group’s team of linguistic experts and testing engineers acts on the following principles:

  • MoGi Group only accepts jobs we can match to translators with the appropriate level of knowledge/specialization
  • We only choose translators who are native speakers of the target language
  • Trained linguists verify each project at key milestones in the translation process
  • We always use Translation Memory (TM) software to ensure consistency and reduce omissions
  • We maintain open communications with our customers for clarification and do not make project related decisions without involving our client
  • MoGi Group uses native language and specialist proofreaders
  • Translation glossaries are created with the input of industry/corporate specialists to ensure the correct application of specific terminology
  • For each translation, MoGi Group focuses on the target audience in order to translate according to audience demand.

We make it a priority to understand the objectives of each translation project. We use a transparent project management process and well-defined plan before each project begins.

When each website translation/localization project is implemented, MoGi Group will perform the following procedures:

  • Test key functionalities
  • Verify aesthetics
  • Verify language for consistency, truncations & missing translations, context, and grammatical & typographical errors
  • Complete cross browser compatibility
  • Ensure correct placement of text and graphics
  • Ensure font consistencies
  • Produce detailed bug reports

Website testing plays a critical role in the development of your online presence and its long-term ability to function as a reliable sales and marketing tool for your business. We take tremendous care when satisfying your translation needs, delivering for you and your clients.

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