Technical Documentation Translation

Communicating your technical documents is a crucial part of conducting international business. Undoubtedly, you’ve invested time and money into assimilating and conveying your technical material in a concise and effective manner and it is now time to handle the language requirements for the text.

The professional technical translation services at MoGi Group will benefit your company in several ways:

Details and Accuracy

Technical translations are generally specialized to a particular field, subject, profession or business and are, therefore, all about the details, even more so than any other translation project. Even a slight misrepresentation of the language could be disastrous for the end user if something is installed improperly, connected incorrectly or inadvertently omitted.

Technical translations require the skills of a subject area specialist in addition to adequate writing skills in order to communicate the content in a comprehensive format.  MoGi Group understands this combination and is steadfast in using translators with proven expertise in the respective translation field in order to eliminate the propensity for errors.

Translation Memory and Glossaries

To ensure the language is correct and all industry and technical jargon has been captured,  MoGi Group works with you to formulate glossaries of specific terms exclusively for your project. We can also incorporate any existing glossaries you provide us.

Translation Memory

A translation memory, or TM, as it is typically referred to, consists of text segments in a source language and their respective translations into any number of languages. It acts much like a translation glossary but instead of servicing individual words it is designed for working with larger groups of text.

MoGi Group uses translation memories with technical document translation because these texts have a tendency to be highly repetitive. Translation memories also offer tremendous efficiencies in handling incremental updates to large technical documents such as owner’s manuals and user guides.

Translation Memory Benefits

  • Large translation projects often employ several translators – using a translation memory ensures consistency among explanations, definitions, terms and phrases
  • Significant cost savings for long-term translation projects that will require regular updates with automatic re-use of existing translations
  • Ensures use of the preferred and most current terminology


MoGi Group works attentively with you to understand your timelines and work within them. We understand the importance of deadlines and guarantee our work is completed on time.

Strict Confidentiality Code

MoGi Group utilizes confidentiality agreements in order to protect our clients´ interests and property. All parties involved in the translation process will sign these agreements to ensure complete discretion.

The Cost of a Job Well Done

Our job quotes are free and generally receive positive responses and repeat clients. Additionally,  MoGi Group utilizes appropriate translation technologies to help keep costs to a minimum over the long term.

MoGi Group can help you achieve all your technical translation needs and deliver the very best for your business and clients. Our work is never complete until our clients are fully satisfied.  MoGi Group Translation manages technical translations including:

  • Engineering documents
  • Software engineering documentation
  • Operations manuals
  • Instrumentation manuals
  • Medical and pharmaceutical documentation

 Contact us today for a free quote for your technical documentation translation project.