Translation Process

The translation process demands the formation of entire concepts into target languages and not merely the replacement of one word with another. Therefore, much like any large project, a well-executed translation project requires a careful strategy and process. Although the details of a translation process may vary depending on the industry and scope of the project, MoGi Group is steadfast in applying four basic steps to every project.

All translations will pass through four levels of translation:

  • The initial document translation stage where the text is taken from its source language to the target language
  • A proofreading stage to ensure cultural accuracy and readability
  • An editing stage dedicated to correcting grammar and sentence structure
  • A testing stage where function, linguistics and aesthetics are all investigated for quality

MoGi Group is more than happy to accommodate additional levels of proofreading, editing and testing to adapt to our clients’ individual needs and ensure translations of the highest quality. The intricacies of the entire translation process can be modified during the initial planning stages of the project.

We utilize a detailed translation process that tracks your project from the pre-project consultation discussions through the translation of your original source files and the final delivery of your translation.

Our project managers make every effort to ensure consistency in the work delivered to our clients and provide a quality service.  We select translators for each particular client based on specific criteria: native language skills, industry-specific skills, and technical ability.

Quality assurance and testing procedures are fully integrated in our translation process and utilize the experience of editing, proofreading and content specialists. Our focus is on delivering the best quality translation for each client.