Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not sure my text is in proper English. Will MoGi Group help edit my English text before beginning the translation process?

Yes. We believe that starting a localization/translation project with a clean, error free source will increase the quality of translations into other languages. Our native English US/UK editors will ensure your source is error free, consistent and ready to be localized.

Why shouldn’t I use free online translation tools?

It all comes down to accuracy – grammar and nuances are unlikely to be accurately translated with online document translation tools. If your aim is to produce localized printed materials, or you require software translations for a video game or medical product, accuracy is critical. The job is best left to professionals who utilize strict translation processes and quality assurance procedures.

What languages do you translate from/to?

MoGi Group translates into 40+ languages. Please visit our languages page for a full description of our translation languages. Please note that if you do not see your target language on our website it is still worth contacting us as our network of translators reaches around the globe and we will most likely be able to help you.

How do localization, globalization and translation differ from one another?

Translation can be described as interpreting the meaning of a text and subsequently producing an equivalent text in a different language.
Localization is the process of modifying an existing text to make it accessible, usable and culturally suitable to a new target audience. Localization goes beyond literal translation, in addition to idiomatic language translation, numerous locale details such as currency, national regulations and holidays, cultural sensitivities, product or service names, gender roles, and geographic examples among many other details must all be considered.
Globalization aims to address all the logistical and organizational challenges businesses encounter as they expand their business content and marketing strategies across cultures to new clients.
Globalization incorporates internationalization and localization to achieve this goal.

I have a text with many repetitions, are my translation costs reduced?

Yes, MoGi Group uses CAT Tools that take your text repetitions into consideration. Cost reductions are applied based on the number of repetitions and the overall amount of text.

What is a Glossary and do I need it?

Glossaries should be created for every project. A good glossary contains all the terminology that is critical to the translation of the contents. Not only will the glossary make the translation more consistent, but it will also speed up the translation process, because translators will not experience delays when waiting for clarification of terms which could have been defined in advance.

What are the prominent western languages on the Web, besides English?

The other three leading western Website languages are French, Spanish and German.

What are the leading Asian languages on the Web?

Chinese, Japanese and Korean are the major languages in the growing Asian markets. In fact, it is forecasted that the Chinese language will account for a third of all pages on the Internet in the near future.

How can I be certain of the quality of your translations?

In order to ensure high quality video game, website, medical and software translation services, we work with professional translators who reside in the countries of our target languages. Each translator must meet stringent criteria for quality and professionalism, including a native command of the target language, mastery of the source language, and professional translation skills. MoGi Group also employs a strict quality assurance process to ensure consistency and accuracy with automated tools and two levels of proofreading by native speakers.